Sun, Feb 18, 2018

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Brothers Contractors and Land Services construct and break ground on ponds, lakes and widening creeks from 1-20 acres.

At the private level, a beautiful backyard pond is the dream of many homeowners.  At the commercial level, project coordination, timely completion, and professionalism are demanded by general contractors. 

Pond owners enjoy the beauty and interest their pond adds to their home/business landscape—not to mention the relaxing, soothing sounds of any stream or waterfall features. Add to it all an extra benefit—owning a pond is good for the environment—in several ways:

*Water Conservation:  Lawns require watering.  Regular watering uses 600 to 1400 gallons of water

*Fewer Pollutants:  Less mowing, fewer pollutants from law machines

*Fewer pesticides and fertilizer needed for lawns

*Support system for Wildlife

Each pond is different because of water sources, soil, size, location, and purpose. We have worked on ponds for private residential customers and golf courses. The ponds have been used for recreational, aesthetic, irrigation, and agricultural purposes.