Thu, Jan 18, 2018

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Forestry Mulching

Vegetation Management can have a multitude of applications. Plant diseases, Beetle killed trees and invasive species of plants can all pose significant threats to native vegetation, water supplies and wildlife habitats and lead to a potential wildfire.

Low ground pressure tractors with mulching attachments are often used for vegetation management in wetland areas to remove Arundo and other wetland invasive species. Salt Cedar, Russian olive, Buckthorn, and Multi-floral rose can invade a natural habitat or soak up a tremendous amount of ground water and need to be removed to reestablish the native habitat or to preserve the water table. Tree shear, mulching attachments, and excavator mulching attachments are all effective tools for these applications.

Forestry Mulching


Environmentally Friendly, Low-Impact Clearing
Immediate Improvements
Leaves Mulch Covered Land
Minimal Soil Disturbance
Manicured Mulch
No damage to roots of neighboring “keeper” trees
No Burning - No Smoke Pollution - No Fire Hazards - No Hauling
Cubic Mass Reduction
Sometimes No Permitting Needed
Large and small lot beautification
Total vegetation management
Heavy brush hogging
Retention pond maintenance
Cutting fire breaks and firefighting access lanes
Thinning hazardous forest fuels
Eliminating invasive plant species
Wildlife habitat restoration
Pastures & riding trails
Pond visibility
Hunting plots and shooting lanes
Cutting or maintaining survey lines, fence lines, and power lines
Cutting lines of sight on rights-of way for crossings
Cutting roads that can be driven on in minutes